When writing gets hard

It’s been a while since I have posted and its because life got a little crazy with covid and well writing had to take a back seat. Since my last post I have moved into a house where I actually have an office to work in and also started a new job that I have really been enjoying. One of the best things about that job is that I can balance writing with it. Speaking of, let’s talk about my writing or at least how Red Siren 2 is going.

Red Siren 2 is probably my new favorite book in this duo-logy. So much so that I might actually expand the story into more novels! I have been loving the cast of characters and the challenges they have been facing. It’s been so much fun but also a challenge. Writing is fun in the sense that you kinda get to day dream all day and then share that daydream with the world so they can enjoy it too, but also its not really all that simple.

One thing I have learned from being an author is just how much of a job it actually is. Don’t get me wrong, I love this job, but it’s still a job at the end of the day. When I was younger I thought that I would be writing books like it was nobodies business but that isn’t the case. Writing is just writing, it’s almost like science in a way. You have to make sure that your story is fleshed out, no plot holes, that it makes sense and keeps the reader engaged while being a certain word count etc. There is much more to it than just a daydream.

I might sit down and write three hundred words and then sit back and be like ok I feel like thats a good place to stop, but I don’t get to do that. I have contracts etc so I have to force myself to write and somedays that writing is better than others, but thats ok too, because after you finish writing a story then the real work begins. The real work is editing. Countless revisions which is changing aspects of the story whether it be removing or adding things to the story. Sounds easy, but don’t forget if you add something you probably will have to change things further down the line in your story so it can cause you to almost have to re write your entire novel before you submit it for more revisions. sometimes you get it right sometimes you have to do it all again. And don’t even get me started on procrastinating (which is what I’m doing right now).

I am currently doing revisions on Red siren 2 and am almost done with this round!! I was so excited! But then I pulled up my document that tells me how many words this draft needs to be annnnndd….I’m ten thousand words short. I need it done by the end of the month and it was just super upsetting if that makes sense. I wanted to move on from this stage but its all ok because at the end of the day the book is going to be better than it was.

Now, why did I make this post? I didn’t make it to complain about my workload or anything like that. Writing is a job and it’s a job I love and wouldn’t trade it for anything. I made this post for everyone else. I wanted to share what goes on behind the screens and what people don’t get to see authors do. I wanted to write this to help out other writers not get discouraged because we all go through the same steps. Hang in there and thank you readers for being patient with me while I try to make this book the best it can for all of you. I think it will be well worth the wait.


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