October 2020

Hi guys!

First off, I just wanted to say sorry for not updating this blog more–I’ve been super busy! And also I want to thank everyone for supporting me! You guys are literally the bestttt and I love seeing your comments on my instagram and twitter!

So fall, (aka my favorite season)has finally come to my neck of the woods, (literally lol) and I’m pretty much in heaven. Not to be weird, but there is something about fall that just makes me happy and totally believe in magic (I legit bought a spell book a few weeks ago.)

Anyway, I could probably bore you all to tears with me going on and on about the magic of fall so we will go ahead and just jump right into the post!


So if you follow me on Instagram, you might know that I had my first book signing!! I was a grand time and I had so much fun meeting some readers! Due to the current state of the world, signings are pretty much nonexistent right now so hopefully I will have a few more in the spring of 2021! Make sure to keep up with me on social media so you don’t miss that announcement!


I also got to have my very first interview this month too!! I was so so happy and excited when I got the chance and it is now up for all of you to read! Go give it a look!


And thats it for this month!

I hope to have this updated more often but until then I am hard at work on Red Siren 2 revisions and will let you know when I have any news!

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