My Writing Space!

Hi guys! I am so excited to be partnering with B.B on this blog post! We are doing this thing where we show our readers our writing space! Writing spaces are so fun to look at because every single one is different and unique! So let’s get into the tour!


So this is where the magic happens (literally, like if you’ve read my book you know.) I try to keep the top of it pretty clean because clutter just bugs me and triggers my anxiety and when I’m writing I want my space to be ‘safe’. I want it calm and collected and everything I am not lol. I have a few items, which is a little cabinet where I keep some pens and my writing magnets (which I’ll share later) and then a simple gold clock and light! Oh, and my headphone holder, cant forget to blast epic music while writing an intense action scene.


I love this thing and it’s a must have for authors in my humble opinion.  I use this as a way to brain dump (more like brain vomit) my plotting process or just random to do lists of what needs to happen in a scene. I actually custom made my magnets so that I have exactly what I need to plot my books! Helped a lot with book two.


My black lab Alice. She keeps me sane. Unless she is begging for attention or trying to sit on me (Yes she thinks she’s a lap dog. Spoiler alert: she’s not. I promise.)

And that is it! I am so happy that we did this and I can’t wait to see what B.B’s space looks like! To check her out click this Link!

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