July Book Update!

Hi guys! First off I just want to say thank you so much for your support with Red Siren! It was at #120 on Amazon this past month and I could not believe it! Writing has been a dream of mine for the longest time and I just want to thank you guys from the bottom of my heart for making my dreams come true! I have been hard at work with book two revisions and can’t wait to get it in all of your hands!

If you haven’t purchased it you can buy it through various links on my website and if you go to the books tab!

so since summer has finally come I have been going on various walks with my dog and we have been finding some beautiful scenery! Follow me on instagram so you can see them live!

So let’s get into the news!

Book Signing!

Yes thats right I will be having a book signing in the fall! (details to come). My publisher and I were planning on a book tour prior to everything getting cancelled but I am still trying to make the best of it! Hopefully next year when Red Siren 2 is released we can have a book tour! But with that being said, a local B&N is allowing signings at the moment so we are setting up a fall date since all the summer events are booked as of right now. Lets cross our fingers that it doesn’t get cancelled!!


yay! My jaw literally dropped when I saw it on the site! So if you want to go ahead and purchase it through them as well!


Along with book depository You can also add Red Siren to your Goodreads shelf!! Go over and give it a review while you are there!


So when I first got the first kernel for Red Siren there were two songs that kinda inspired where the books go and the feeling of it all.

The first song is Sirens by Cher Lloyd. I love how much emotion she conveys just with her voice. The lyrics are also just so descriptive and beautiful that I couldn’t not picture Ariel fighting against something(being a good person) for someone and then at the end being too exhausted to fight anymore.

When I was editing Red Siren I was working on the scene where Carson first encounters sirens and while editing I found that a song was playing in the back of my head sort of like a soundtrack to that scene so I thought I would share it! This song perfectly encapsulates the feeling of this scene.

Another song I really thought fit with the novel is Fireworks from The Little Mermaid soundtrack. I listened to this right as Carson flashes back to him as a young boy and to the events that take place for the rest of the book!

And for the last song…I will enter the fist song on my Red Siren two playlist….so have fun with it.


And thats it for this months blog post! I cannot believe its already July! I hope you all are staying safe and healthy!


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