Red Siren on sale NOW

Hi Everyone!

I am so so so excited to be writing this post! Also, is it totally lame to admit I have no idea HOW, exactly, to begin this blog post? I’ve never written a blog–a book, sure, but a blog? No. But anyway… this initial blog post will be full of information for all of you to enjoy and before we dive into it I just want to take a moment and say thank you to all of you who have purchased my novel Red Siren already. It means so much to me and this book has been such a passion project of mine over the years. I began writing it when I was a freshman in college based after a photo I stumbled upon on Pintrest (if I can I will post it below–I am still trying to figure this site out lol)


I plan on updating this blog somewhere between monthly and every few months depending on news and other factors, but I thought it would be a fun place to answer questions, tell you guys updates on what I am currently working on–which is the first round of revisions on Red Siren two! And any other tidbits you guys want to see!

Ok so onto the news…..

Red Siren is out!

I am so so so happy to be announcing that! I hope you all enjoy this beauty of a book that has been my heart and soul for so long! I even went through a phase where I thought it would never see the light of day after getting rejection after rejection. But there was light at the end of the tunnel! Again, I hope you all enjoy your copy and look forward to what is to come with Carson and the gang in book two!




This is what inspired the novel!


I love how creepy this is and it also kinda reminds me of one of the last scenes in Red Siren


Oh, the joys of being a mermaid…..


Annnnd Thats it for this months edition!

Thanks again for purchasing the book, and if you want to–subscribe/follow this blog! You won’t want to miss anything! I am so excited! See you guys again in July! ❤

Current music: Queendom by Aurora

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